2018 Must Have Dishwasher Features

When looking to buy a brand new dishwasher, you may think that picking just anything cheap or convenient online is enough. That’s bad thinking you got there. Just like your oven and cooktop, there’s a number of modern features that you would want for your new dishwasher to have. These are typically features which will make your dishwasher easier to use or boost efficiency that make washing your dishes more of a breeze now more than ever. Picking a dishwasher online, you would want these features or something similar if you’re buying a dishwasher in 2018.

Comfortlift™ Technology – Electrolux

Some of the smart solutions for dishwashers are the simplest things that makes the job easier; that’s what the Comfortlift™ Technology is all about. Electrolux engineered their newer dishwashers to have their bottom dish shelf to have a telescopic swivel rack that moves up to the top shelf. Sounds simple, right? It is, but genius is in the simple things.
People typically hate loading the bottom shelf because they would need to stretch down, which is not helpful for people with back issues, pregnant women or older people. The sturdy Comfortlift™ lifts the dish basket, allows the removal of the basket tray with the push of a trigger and then once loaded, you can push it smoothly back to place. This makes it much easier and a bit more fun to load the wash.

ThermoDry – Fisher & Paykel

Nobody likes moist dishes that just came from the dishwasher. It’s annoying and can still harbour some bacteria from the moist, hot treatment. You’ll also think the job’s not finished if the dishes are moist. This is where the Fisher & Paykel ThermoDry works its wonders.
The ThermoDry system is a final stage in the hygienic cleaning system that their dishwashers use. What this does is it removes any and all moisture available in the dishes and glassware that comes from the final hot rinse that the system does. This not only makes a very dry finish but it also saves energy through efficient drying.
If you are buying dishwashers online, you would want something similar to this system as a must-have feature.

VarioSpeed – Bosch, Siemens

Nobody has the time to wait for the dishwasher to finish, especially if you work during the day. Average dish wash cycles take hours to finish and if you’re in a hurry, this is the bane of your existence. In these situations, the VarioSpeed button is your best friend. The VarioSpeed option is a button that allows you to cut the program time by 50% without sacrificing the quality of the wash. This is a one touch activation feature and should be used when you really have no time to spare. Imagine having an “Overdrive” button but on your Bosch and Siemens dishwasher. Pretty cool, right?  Same top quality, hygienic wash, two times as fast. 100% must have.

Delay Timer - Westinghouse

This is another quality of life feature that is actually important for your household. Delay timers are a great option to have so you can set when the programmed dishwasher starts the wash cycle itself. We can hear you ask: why would I want to delay washing the dishes? There’s a lot of reasons.
A lot of homes have a limited amount of hot water on the water tank, and dishwashers as you know suck hot water like camels on the desert. If you use the delay timer, you make sure that you have your hot water properly routed and rationed off for your bath and other uses. You would also want to run the delay timer to siphon the hot water when it’s off-peak times, saving you some money along the way. More than quality of life, this feature is a basic need if you to buy a dishwasher online.

Quiet Operation - Most Brands

If the dishwasher model you found online does not have the nearly universal quiet operation feature, close the tab and search for another brand. Quiet operation is an important dishwashing feature so you can have your dishes cleaned in peace. Since many people leave their dishes washing on off-peak times, you would not want to be disturbed by banging coming from your dishwashing machine. You would want to have it run at a low buzz at most. Sure you can get cheap dishwashers that sacrifice this feature, but is your peace of mind worth it? A dishwasher with a quiet operations feature should only cost you a few extra dollars at most, so this should not be much of a trouble for you.

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