Dishwasher Types Explained!

Buying a new dishwasher online or in store is complicated. You might think you can just pick willy-nilly but there’s a lot of dishwasher types to consider. Dishwasher units are not cut by performance or looks alone. You would want to ask a lot of questions before buying one. Will it fit my kitchen? Do I want something discreet? Is it water-efficient? There are just too many options. Which dishwasher designs fit your needs? Look below and see what’s right for you as we get dishwasher types explained.

Fully-Integrated Dishwasher - Modern kitchen designs tend to go for ways to make appliances discreet, and dishwashers are no exception either. Fully-integrated dishwashers are completely hidden in your joinery once installed by a licensed installation team. The advantage of full integration is that it makes your kitchen look uniform and very streamlined, which helps you utilise the most space from whatever limited space you might have. This means fewer moving parts, less chances for accidents.

Semi-Integrated Dishwasher - A middle ground between freestanding and fully-integrated dishwashers is the semi-integrated dishwasher. It still looks streamlined but the control panel is obvious, typically on the topside. This, however, makes your kitchen look less streamlined.

Freestanding Dishwasher - The most common type of dishwasher is the freestanding dishwasher. These units are commonly slotted into a kitchen’s bench-top or any available empty space. Most of these designs are made so they are immediately visible and accessible. They’re generally popular and designed with various styles and colours, from steel, black, white and grey. Since they’re generally not integrated into the kitchen, you can easily replace and upgrade the dishwasher.

Dish-Drawer Dishwashers - Another popular option for dishwashers is the dish-drawer type of dishwashers. As the name implies, a dish-drawer is a type of dishwashing machine invented, designed and manufactured by Fisher & Paykel. They are available under several brands depending on geographic location but in Australia they are only available under the Fisher & Paykel brand. What makes them unique is the ergonomic design featuring one or two 'drawers' which are easy to open and shut. DishDrawers can be integrated into your kitchen cabinetry, and they also make it possible to save water and energy by running a half load.

Portable or Countertop Dishwashers - Portable dishwashers and bench-top dishwashers have the same mantra in mind but have two ways of taking care of it. These dishwasher types are favorable in rental properties or when space is a premium or there’s no way to install the necessary plumbing. We typically don’t recommend these unless unless you have no other choice.

Full-Size Dishwashers - Full-sized dishwashers are the biggest ones available which are also commonly refereed to as 60cm dishwashers and are perfect for big families and even businesses. For smaller but still busy families, the lower tier of the full-sized line is still a great and viable option. Depending on the size tier of your full-sized dishwasher, it can hold between 11 to 15 place settings, which is equivalent to around 110 to 150 items. These are awesome to use for parties and events and are standard for small restaurants and cafes.


Slimline Dishwashers - Slimline models are the median-sized dishwasher units, which are great for smaller or narrower kitchens. The average slimline goes at 8 to 10 place settings, running at 100 items tops. If you’re wary of sacrificing cleaning power, this should not be a problem as these units tend to have the same power as the full-sized version but are not as efficient with water or energy.

Compact Dishwashers - Compact units tend to be as big or slightly bigger than a countertop oven – perfect for homes that don’t cook a lot or homes with only single occupancy. They’re not as water or energy efficient than slimline units, which is a trade-off that you’re paying for the space that you save. Their size can handle around 4 to 6 place settings, which is between 40 – 60 items. Pricing does not follow through, however.

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