Electric & Gas Oven Door Glass Repairs

Oven doors are made using tempered glass. During the manufacturing process, tempered glass is heated and cooled rapidly and repeatedly to make it more resistant to breaking. Tempered glass is the ideal glass for oven doors: It’s stronger than regular glass and can withstand higher temperatures. However, while it’s resistant to breaking, it can still shatter, especially if it makes contact with cold water or something hits, scratches or bumps it.

Cracks, chips and other damage will create a weak spot and weaken the glass enough to make it shatter. Microscopic stress fractures can also increase the risk of damage. If your oven door glass has been damaged or broken, it must be repaired or more likely it will need to be replaced. Stove Doctor offers skilled technicians for your Oven Door Glass Repair to get your kitchen up and running trouble-free.

How to Fix an Oven Door Glass - Before doing any repairs, unplug your oven if you can otherwise call a professional service company. Most oven doors have several layers of glass, and you may need to replace one or all pieces. There are typically small metal tabs securing the glass in place, much like a picture in a picture frame. To access these tabs, remove the screws in the oven door’s brackets, and remove the oven door. Set the screws aside in a secure place along with the brackets.

You will need to open the tabs to remove the glass. Be careful as you remove any broken glass so that you don’t injure your hands or lose any glass pieces inside the oven. Once the glass is completely out of the frame, you can insert the new glass into the frame and push the tabs back into position. On many new models the glass will be bonded with a special heat proof glue. Replace the brackets, insert the screws and reinstall the oven door. Make sure the door closes securely before attempting to use your oven again.

Maintaining Oven Door Glass - Oven door glass tends to accumulate grease and grime just like the rest of your oven. With the right tools, you can clean your glass without damaging it. Cool the oven completely before attempting to clean the glass, and vacuum or wipe away any loose crumbs. Mix baking soda and water until it has formed a thick paste, and apply it in a thick layer over the glass. Let it work about 15 minutes before rinsing it thoroughly with a damp microfiber cloth and wiping it with another cloth. There are a number of oven cleaning products however most are toxic and can cause the metal parts of your oven to rust.

Oven Door Glass Replacement - If oven door glass is cracked, chipped or otherwise damaged, it will be weakened and more vulnerable to severe damage. Even if your oven door has multiple layers of glass, the broken glass must be replaced to protect against exploding or shattering. You can replace the glass in your oven door yourself, however we generally recommend we do it for you. We have the tools and the exact replacement glass for all brands of ovens, and we can get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Please have your brand and model number ready for our customer service team, this will allow us to be able to tell if the glass is available and the cost of the glass. If you cannot find your model number please take a number of photos of your appliance.

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