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Not sure whether to repair or replace a AGA household appliance or maybe you need an appliance installation service? Stove Doctor can arrange assessments and repairs of your appliance by our fully factory trained appliance technicians. Don’t worry—we’re here to help with all your appliance repair and installation needs.

The AGA cooker was invented in 1922 by the Nobel Prize winning Swedish physicist Gustaf Dalén, who was employed as the chief engineer at the Swedish AGA company. Gustaf Dalén had lost his sight in both eyes ten years previously as a result of an experiment which went horribly wrong. Forced to stay at home, Gustaf Dalén discovered that his wife was exhausted by cooking. Although blind, he set out to develop a new stove that was capable of a range of culinary techniques and easy to use.

Adopting the principle of heat storage, he combined a heat source, two large hotplates and two ovens into one unit which went on to become the AGA Cooker we know today. The cooker was introduced to England in 1929, and were manufactured there under licence in the early 1930s.

AGA currently produces four main models: two-, three-, four- and five-oven versions, with the four- and five-oven versions wider than the others. The two oven model has three doors behind which are the burner, roasting oven and simmering oven. The newer three-oven model also includes a baking oven, the four-oven version also has a warming oven and warming plate on the top, and the five-oven has an additional slow-cooking oven. All models have two hotplates – a boiling plate and a simmering plate. The cookers come in a range of different colours, but the most popular is the original cream.

The current AGA fuel options include kerosene, diesel, bio fuel, gas or electricity. Electrical models, some of which can be controlled by a smartphone, make up nearly three-quarters of all sales, while just one in twenty customers are after a conventional oil-powered AGA. AGA Dual Control model has three or five electric ovens on one system and two separate stove tops. It has proved popular with owners used to keeping a classic AGA on for sustained periods but who want to cut the running costs.

The 60 cm wide AGA City60 was launched in July 2014, intended for compact spaces. It has two ovens and a hotplate, with the main oven being fully programmable. Like previous models, in the winter it can be left on all the time as a heat source.

The AGA brand is known for its longevity world wide, with many cookers still operating after more than 50 years. In 2009, in conjunction with the Daily Telegraph UK and to celebrate the 80th anniversary of its founding, AGA set up a competition to find the oldest AGA still in use. There were thousands of entries, but the winning cooker was installed in 1932 and belonged to a family in Sussex, England.

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AGA Cookers are still hand crafted and made in Britain then imported by AGA Australia and sold through a select few specialists. AGA Rangehoods are manufactured in Australia by Qasair Rangehoods and badged as AGA. Qasair make rangehoods which are powerful ventilation systems that allow home cooks to use modern cooking equipment such as high-powered stoves, indoor barbecues and wok burners to cook aromatic dishes such as fish or spicy Asian curries without fear of lingering odours and grease in the residence a day later.

AGA Cookers are not for everyone especially as the starting price for an entry level AGA 60 Electric Cooker is $11,500 Inc GST AUD and go up $29,455 Inc GST for an AGA 5 Oven Cooker. The AGA rangehoods which are made by Qasair start at $4,017 Inc GST for the 3 oven model and go up to $6,695 Inc GST for the 5 oven model.

Homeowners often don’t think about their AGA Cooker and rangehood until something goes wrong and they are no longer able to use them. Unfortunately, this also means the need for repairs or perhaps a time to consider a new appliance. Stove Doctor makes this process easy as our team will look after all you appliance needs.

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Stove Doctor provides AGA gas and electric cooking appliance installation and repair services. As we carry a large quantity of the spare parts, we have the highest first visit completion rate, which will save you time and money.

All electric and gas cooking appliances should be installed and repaired by a licensed and experienced technician and you will be glad to know that all Stove Doctor technicians are factory trained to install, diagnose and repair gas and electric AGA appliances.

Stove Doctor has many years’ experience in the cooking appliance repair industry servicing Sydney and the Blue Mountains Region. Our mobile service vehicles allow our technicians to come straight to you and complete the repairs onsite, mess and stress free.

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Each AGA appliance repair and installation is analysed in advance by our senior technical team so that we can ensure that the original replacement spare parts likely to be needed for the repair are sent with the technician in advance of the visit and also to ensure that appliances being installed are the right fit. Stove Doctor is the appliance repair and installation specialists for Sydney. Whether you need appliance repaired or installed, Stove Doctor will come to you.

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