Important Considerations When Purchasing New Appliances

Have a question or two on what a special function or feature can do? Our ultimate appliance buying guides ensure you're armed with all the information necessary to make an informed purchasing decision on your new appliance without having to speak with a sales person. Our appliance buying guides are updated frequently and cover all of categories.


As an essential part of every modern kitchen we all know that an oven with the correct functions can add value and convenience to any household and bring an entirely different feeling to a kitchen. While also adding convenience and utility to daily life there are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for a new oven such as the oven type, gas or electric fuel supply, oven interior literage capacity, controls, cleaning options, warranty and the often forgotten after sale service in case something was to go wrong in the warranty period. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO


In the last decade cooktops are becoming increasingly popular cooking appliances in Australia for their seamless look they offer to modern kitchen designs and have easily become one of the most commonly used appliances in any modern kitchen. When the time does comes to choosing a new cooktop it can be a complicated process as there are so many brands, models, sizes, features, and designs to consider while keeping in mind your needs and lifestyle. Cooktops have come a long way from the basic models and now come with coil, ceramic, solid elements, Natural and LPG gas and induction. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO


The freestanding stove, commonly known as a range, upright or cooker, is the workhorse of any kitchen with its combination of cooktop and oven into a single kitchen appliance. Just ask your parents and they will tell you that a new stove purchase use to be very simple. They all came in a white enamel and all you had to decide was if you got the gas or electric model and that's only if you had gas connected to the property. Fast forward to today and you have a choice of over 60 different brands and hundreds of models which come in a variety of colours and finishes in order to match your existing or new kitchen decor. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO.


A rangehood is one of the most important appliances in any kitchen and also the least appreciated. A carefully selected rangehood will provide valuable filtering support for your stove or cooktop but before you can truly appreciate the benefits a rangehood will provide, you must first understand what a rangehood is and how it works. A rangehood is a fan with an enclosure designed to capture and vent unwanted heat, odors, gases, grease, steam, and smoke. The rangehood's internal fan effectively captures the rising air directly over the cooking surface and then exhausts the contaminants outside the home. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO


A modern dishwasher can not only save you over 180 hours a year simply by loading the dishwasher and pressing start but also save you money by using less water and energy than hand washing dishes. There are a number of different dishwasher types or configurations available depending on the different household needs such as the freestanding, semi integrated, fully integrated, build-in, dish-draw, slim line, compact and bench-top and also come in a variety of colours and finishes in order to match your existing or new kitchen decor. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO


The humble tumble dryer has come a long way and evolved with technology to become a favorite with large households which do a number of washing loads per week and with those who have little space available to hang out the washing to dry. There are 3 main types of dryers to choose from, the condenser dryer, vented dryer and the newer heat pump dryer with all the latest sensor technology such as moisture sensors, variety of programs, delayed start and steam drying on many models reduces drying times for greater energy efficient and time saving. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO

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