Chef Appliance Repairs & Installations

Not sure whether to repair or replace a CHEF household appliance or maybe you need an appliance installation service? Stove Doctor can arrange assessments and repairs of your appliance by our fully factory trained appliance technicians. Don’t worry—we’re here to help with all your appliance repair and installation needs.

CHEF is one of the better known and probably one of the oldest home appliance brands in Australia which in grounded in great Australian traditions. The brand operated from in the 1980’s and 1990’s from an old and messy factory in Brunswick Victoria however it underwent a number of ownership changes. Vulcan-Chef was bought by Southcorp Appliances, who in turn sold to Email Ltd which at the time was an manufacturing conglomerate operating mainly in Australia.

Electrolux took over Major Appliances Business of Email Ltd in 2001 and moved the manufacturing to a more modern facility in Adelaide. At the time of take over Email Ltd had a market share of approximately 60% in the Australian market with 4,800 employees in Australia and New Zealand. The Electrolux group recognise the inherent value in the iconic Australian brand and have committed to it in the foreseeable future and continue to manufacture a number of models in Australia.

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CHEF Appliances currently can be found in all major retail outlets however their market share has declined over the last few years with more and more European and Chinese made appliances opening up in Australia. CHEF Appliances still manufacture quality appliances which has helped CHEF retain a strong market share in the traditional Electric and Gas Freestanding Stove range. They also manufacture cooktops, rangehoods and ovens.

Homeowners often don’t think about their CHEF appliance until something goes wrong and they are no longer able to use them. Unfortunately, this also means the need for repairs or perhaps a time to consider a new appliance. Stove Doctor makes this process easy as our team will look after all you appliance needs.

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Stove Doctor provides CHEF gas and electric cooking appliance installation and repair services. As we carry a large quantity of the spare parts, we have the highest first visit completion rate, which will save you time and money.

All electric and gas cooking appliances should be installed and repaired by a licensed and experienced technician and you will be glad to know that all Stove Doctor technicians are factory trained to install, diagnose and repair gas and electric CHEF appliances.

Stove Doctor has many years’ experience in the cooking appliance repair industry servicing Sydney and the Blue Mountains Region. Our mobile service vehicles allow our technicians to come straight to you and complete the repairs onsite, mess and stress free.

Our highly trained team at Stove Doctor can do the following:


Each CHEF appliance repair and installation is analysed in advance by our senior technical team so that we can ensure that the original replacement spare parts likely to be needed for the repair are sent with the technician in advance of the visit and also to ensure that appliances being installed are the right fit. Stove Doctor is the appliance repair and installation specialists for Sydney. Whether you need appliance repaired or installed, Stove Doctor will come to you.

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