Coil Hotplate Element Repair & Replacement


An electric coil heating element is basically just a resistance wire suspended inside of a hard metal alloy bent into various shapes, separated from it by insulation. When electricity is applied to it, the resistance wire generates heat which is conducted to the element's outer sheath where it can be absorbed by the cooking utensil which will be placed on top of the coil heating element. When a coil heating element fails, the internal resistance wire breaks causing an open circuit. Since the circuit is now open, no electrical current can flow through the element to generate heat.

The insulation between the resistance wire and the outer coating can also deteriorate. When this occurs the inner resistance wire can come into contact with the outer sheath causing a short to ground. The force of such a short can blow a hole right through the outer coating, melting it and sometimes damaging cookware being used at the time.

Coil heating elements have occasionally been known to light up when the wire filament shorts to ground. This effect may continue even after power has been disconnected from the appliance. In all cases there is no actual possibility of fire as once the element material has been fully exhausted by the effect, it will eventually go out on its own. It can create quite a disconcerting light show for anyone nearby at the time. Power should be totally disconnected from the appliance in such a case until it can be repaired.

A short circuit with the coil heating element can also damage components of the control circuit (simmerstat or rotary switch) as well. On models with electronic controls, the control itself is very susceptible and may be damaged by such a failure.

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Coil Element Appliance Repair Sydney - Stove Doctor
Coil Element Appliance Repair Sydney - Stove Doctor
Coil Element Appliance Repair Sydney - Stove Doctor
Coil Element Appliance Repair Sydney - Stove Doctor

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Coil Element Appliance Repair Sydney - Stove Doctor
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Coil Element Appliance Repair Sydney - Stove Doctor

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Coil Element Appliance Repair Sydney - Stove Doctor
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Coil Element Appliance Repair Sydney - Stove Doctor
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  • Coil Element Appliance Repair Sydney - Stove Doctor
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  • Coil Element Appliance Repair Sydney - Stove Doctor
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  • Coil Element Appliance Repair Sydney - Stove Doctor
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