Dishwasher Installation

Do you need your Dishwasher Installed?

Everyone loves a good dishwasher and when it comes to installing the different types of dishwashers available, it can get a bit complex. Physically moving a heavy dishwasher around the kitchen, shimmying it in place after connecting to the electricity and plumbing are tasks that can cause stress levels to rise pretty quickly, especially if you were to scratch your floor or cabinets.

Naturally, you want to install the latest and the best dishwasher in your kitchen. However, a dishwasher installation needs to be a carried out carefully. In fact, in Australia any dishwasher installation must be handled by an expert plumber because there’s always a level of risk involved. You can trust the appliance installation experts from Stove Doctor with your next dishwasher installation. 

Stove Doctor is your go to dishwasher installation specialist for coordinating delivery, moving, electrical and plumbing work if needed. In many cases, the manufacturer of the dishwasher will have specific requirements. It's imperative that the manufacturer instructions are followed to ensure you keep your warranty.

Here's what a Stove Doctor Gas Oven installer will do...

  • Disconnect the old dishwasher 
  • Connect the new dishwasher to existing plumbing 
  • Any additional plumbing if needed
  • Any cabinetry modifications
  • Demonstration of how to use the new dishwasher
  • Removal of old dishwasher

When it comes to hiring Stove Doctor for your dishwasher install, first and foremost, you get the peace of mind that you're working with a professional company who deals with appliances on a daily basis. In our experience, we find that many people who have installed an appliance don't spend time worrying if it's about to leak and damage the floor, carpet or the unit below and cost more than the dishwasher to fix.

Dishwasher Installation Sydney - Stove Doctor

Engaging Stove Doctor as your dishwasher installer also means it isn't going to take up your entire day. Our customer service team will organise a mutual 2 hour time slot and most importantly, it is going to be installed according to the manufacturer's specifications, meaning that if it ever breaks down, your covered.

Dishwasher types available are seen below...

  • Freestanding Standard
  • Freestanding Semi-Integrated
  • Freestanding Fully-Integrated
  • Freestanding Bench-Top

Manufacturers for some models sometime require a pressure limiting valve to reduce the water pressure going to the dishwasher appliance. If and when one is needed is dependent on the incoming water pressure and what is recommended as the maximum water pressure by the manufacturer generally differs from model to model.