Electric Oven Installation

Do you need your Electric Oven Installed?

A new electric oven can make a huge difference between an average and a remarkable kitchen. Stove Doctor has seen many amazing transformations over the years by simply installing new appliances, which bring a modern feel to the household.

Stove Doctor is your one stop shop when it comes to your electric oven installation needs. We are able to deliver, assemble, set up and connect your new appliance and take your old one away to be recycled - even tricky installations where the new oven dimensions are different to that of the new one.

The other important factor to consider when installing a new electric oven is the existing electric circuit to the appliance. A few things which need to be considered are things like electric ovens in kitchens need to be installed so that they conform to various different statutory requirements, and so that they honour the manufacturer’s warranty. The Australian Standard (AS/NZS 4386.2: Domestic kitchen assemblies - installation) sets out various specifications for oven installations, which includes minimum clearances between cooktops and 'combustible surfaces', and ventilation requirements.

Here's what a Stove Doctor Electric Oven Installer will do...

  • Evaluate your kitchen and ensure existing electric connections are safe and meet the requirements.
  • Disconnect the existing electric oven, un-box and check the new electric oven.
  • Connect to an existing electric cable and test for power.
  • Test the electric oven to make sure it's working and ready to use to the manufacturer's specification.
  • Perform a full health and safety check. We'll also visually inspect other electric appliances for safety.
  • Take the old electric oven and also the packaging from your new appliance away.
  • Basic demonstration of how to use the new appliance.

If you are not sure if and what electric oven will fit into your existing kitchen, we recommend that you take multiple photos of the oven and the kitchen and get into contact with one of our customer service team members, who will be able to provide you with some solutions.

Electric Oven Installation - Stove Doctor

Why use Stove Doctor for your next Electric Oven installation?

Stove Doctor is Licensed and Insured – When we say that you can trust us with your electric oven installation, we really mean it. Our specialised team includes highly skilled tradespeople who have received ample training. We also have a thorough insurance cover that would protect your interests in case of an accident. When it comes to electric installations, you can’t afford to take any risks. It’s always a good idea to look at the company license number with the Department of Fair Trading.

We provide unmatched Expertise and Experience – Our team doesn't shy away from training and further skill education. In the appliance installation industry, it’s vital to keep up with the latest technology and innovations. All of our specialised electric oven installers work hard to keep their skills sharp and up to date. They can install all kinds of electric ovens and make sure that they work well.

Expert Consultation – Our clients often are uncertain about the kind of electric oven they need to install and some don’t realize the full scope of the installation. Our team makes sure that you have a full understanding of what is involved so that there are no surprises. After you call us, we will take your needs into consideration and offer our suggestions regarding the appliance and the appliance installation.

Do you want to work with a team of established, professional and proven installation experts. A team that is fully trained and qualified across all appliance types  so your product will be installed safely and securely, with little or no fuss. We have a team of people highly experienced in putting new appliances in older kitchens.

Talk to a friendly Stove Doctor customer service member today. Installing your new appliance is just so easy.

All our installations are backed by our life time warranty so call us now 1300 567 637!