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We understand how important a correctly working induction cooktop is to the smooth running of a busy modern family. Induction technology has been around for a long time however in Australia induction cooktops have only been around for about 15 years. Induction cooktops have been gaining serious popularity in the last few years as they have been featured on popular TV shows such as The BLOCK and My House Rules where they were promoted as one of the new appliance technologies which were safer and fast cooking options.

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Induction cooktop technology arrived to Australian with little fan fare and a relatively high price tag which was between $3000 - $9000. They were a premium and costly product with only a handful of brands who had them on offer. As you can expect anything with a high price tag comes with expensive spare part to match however there have been dramatic changes in the appliance industry in the last 5 years in respect to the cost of new induction cooktops. The purchase price of an induction cooktop has dropped dramatically as shown on our online appliance store which means you can now purchase a brand new cooktop with the same and in many cases better technology to what was being sold 6 to 15 years ago for between $400 - $800 which will include a 2 year manufacturers warranty.

Why are we telling you this?

We find that a lot of other appliance repair companies will just book a customer in for a repair service call with out educating the customer that in many cases induction cooktops are not economical to repair. We don't want anyone wasting good money on their old induction cooktop when it is more economical to have the appliance replaced. Here is a very common real life example where the main control board for the right hand elements on an 4 element induction cooktop cost is $644.39 Inc GST plus you would need to add the technicians service call & labour which would be around $180 - $300.

Induction Cooktop Repair & Installations - Stove Doctor

This means you would be spending between $824.39 - $944.39 on an old induction cooktop which you will most likely get 3 to 12 months warranty. Why would anyone want to spend that amount of money when they could purchase a brand new induction cooktop with the same or better technology for less.

What goes wrong in an Induction Cooktop?

Induction cooktops are simple appliances as they only have less than 10 main spare parts that make the complete cooktop function and only 3 really ever fail (yes there are other parts but they are not worth mentioning). The biggest problem lies in the fact that the control boards in these appliances are very complex for most electrician and appliance repairers to diagnose on site and the cost of the spare parts is astronomical.

  • Filter Board
  • Main Control Board
  • Cooling Fan
  • Touch User Interface Control Board
  • Element Coils
  • Cooktop Glass Assembly
  • Terminal Box

The Induction Cooktop Guessing Game?

As far as we know there are no electricians or appliance repair companies in Sydney that can accurately diagnose electronic boards. The real reason behind this is the cost associated for someone to properly diagnose any electronic circuit board. They would need a circuit diagram and schematic, part specifications and test equipment such as an oscilloscope, meter, etc.

Induction Cooktop Repair & Installations - Stove Doctor

Very few would have this information and equipment including the manufacturers them selves and they generally would not make it publicly available. This means that most manufacturers, electricians and appliance repair companies that tell you that they can repair induction cooktops as simply playing a guessing game at your expense.

But what about Induction Cooktop Error Codes?

Induction cooktop error codes are a perk and a frustration to owning or working on a modern induction cooktop. Errors are a way for the appliance to let you and the technician know that something is wrong with your cooktop however if you don’t know what the different error codes mean, you and most technicians won’t know what the problem is or how to fix it. It’s like trying to communicate with someone that speaks a foreign language without a dictionary which is why we find error codes on induction cooktops a mixed blessing.

The error codes often refer to a number of different parts which could be faulty which means the technician would need specialised equipment or start playing the guessing game again with your money.

What do we recommend you do?

If your induction cooktop is faulty or displaying any error code please take note of your brand and model number. We then recommend you speak to an appliance professional and ask to be provided with a fixed price on the service call and labour. You should also asked to be quoted on the common spare parts which go faulty such as the Filter Board, Main Control Board and Touch User Interface Control Board. The rest of the spare parts hardly fail unless the cooling fan is noisy which in that case you would know what need to be repaired / replaced. We also recommend that you get replacement cooktop options quoted so that you can compare your repair vs replacement options.

If the ceramic glass on your induction cooktop has broken we recommend you ask for a fixed price repair which includes the glass spare parts, service call and labour. Generally the glass is one of the most expensive spare parts so we also recommend that you get replacement cooktop options quoted so that you can compare your repair vs replacement options.

If you would like the team at Stove Doctor to provide you with possible repair costs and replacement options please give us a call on 02 9621 5440 or email us at Please ensure you have your brand and model number handy as we will need this information to be able to provide you with pricing and appliance options.

If you would like to have a quick look at possible new induction cooktop options please click here.

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Induction Cooktop Repair & Installations - Stove Doctor
Induction Cooktop Repair & Installations - Stove Doctor
Induction Cooktop Repair & Installations - Stove Doctor
Induction Cooktop Repair & Installations - Stove Doctor