Retractable Rangehood Installations

Do you need your Retractable Rangehood Installed?

A correctly functioning retractable rangehood is an absolute vital part of any household, especially if you’re an avid cook. The latest rangehood appliances available in the market are advanced and allow a range of options that can’t be found in older, traditional rangehoods.

Naturally, you want to install the latest and the best retractable rangehood in your kitchen. However, a retractable rangehood installation can be tricky and should be carried out carefully. In fact, most retractable rangehoods are not a direct swap over meaning you will have to modify the joinery for the new rangehood to be able to fit. You can trust the appliance installation experts from Stove Doctor with your next installation.


Who likes the smell of burnt food? Well, definitely no one at Stove Doctor. We find that an essential part of any modern kitchen to creating a pleasant home environment by removing smoke, grease and odours while cooking, and is often overlooked, is the rangehood.

Depending on the layout and the construction of your kitchen, a retractable rangehood, or commonly referred to as a slide out rangehood in Australia, can be tricky to set up and properly install, especially if the rangehood is to be ducted externally. The retractable rangehood comes in two main width sizes, which are the 60cm and the 90cm, so they cover the most common width cooktops.

All retractable rangehood models have a light and a fan that switch on as you slide the fascia of the rangehood out manually. These are generally less efficient at venting steam because of their smaller steam collection area; this is especially the case in recirculating mode. The advantage: once you finish cooking, you can push them out of sight and out of the way.

The Stove Doctor team is familiar with retractable rangehood installations. If you’ve previously had a different model installed in your kitchen, Stove Doctor has the expertise to safely remove it, modify your cabinets, and install the new one in its place, all at the time of delivery.

We recommend that the retractable rangehood is ducted externally wherever possible, to maximise the rangehood’s performance. If required, Stove Doctor can supply and install a new ducting and external grill for your new rangehood, including if required, roof and wall penetrations and core drilling. At the completion of your retractable rangehood’s installation, our installer can even demonstrate how to properly care for your rangehood, so you can extend its lifespan and help keep your kitchen clean.

Retractable Rangehood Installations - Stove Doctor

What’s included in the installations?

  • Removal of your old retractable rangehood
  • Mounting of the new retractable rangehood to an existing shelf
  • Connection to existing ducting and power
  • Test cycles to ensure high-quality performance
  • Removal of all rubbish including old rangehood for recycling

Peace of mind installation

The quality of your retractable rangehood installation plays a huge role in the maximum efficiency, safety and long term reliability of your retractable rangehood. When you arrange your installation through Stove Doctor, we guarantee the services of an experienced and licensed installer who specialises in appliance installations. Don’t risk your new investment with anyone else!

Talk to a friendly Stove Doctor customer service member today. Installing your new appliance is just so easy.

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