Bosch SMI46GS01A Serie 4 Semi Integrated Dishwasher - Stove Doctor
Bosch SMI46GS01A Serie 4 Semi Integrated Dishwasher - Stove Doctor
Load image into Gallery viewer, Bosch SMI46GS01A Serie 4 Semi Integrated Dishwasher - Stove Doctor
Load image into Gallery viewer, Bosch SMI46GS01A Serie 4 Semi Integrated Dishwasher - Stove Doctor

Bosch SMI46GS01A Serie 4 Semi Integrated Dishwasher

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Brand Bosch 
Model Number SMI46GS01A
Finish Colour Stainless Steel
Height 815mm
Depth 598mm
Width 573mm
Noise When Working 46dB
Warranty 2 Years
Capacity Place Settings 14 P/S
Programs 6Programs
Water Consumption 13.4 Ltr/Cycle
Control Type Push Buttons
Energy Efficiency 4 Star
Water Efficiency 4 Star
Other Features - Supersilence
- Machinecare
- Dosageassist
- Aquasensor
- Autobrilliance
- Heat Exchanger
- Varioflex
- Super Wash System
- Rackmaticplus
- 5 Spray Levels
- Large Item Spray Head
- Activewater Dishwasher
- 3 Stage Self-cleaning Filter System
- Alternating Spray-arm Washing 
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Delivery and Installations

Complete Dishwasher Solution

Want to purchase your next dishwasher from a team who values your time and provides a complete hassle free dishwasher delivery and installation experience. A team of dishwasher specialist that not only know and understand appliances but also that whether you are replacing an existing appliance or undertaking a kitchen renovation all appliances in Australian kitchens need to be installed so that they conform to various different statutory requirements such as the Building Code of Australia, AS/NZS 3000 Wiring Rules, AS 5601 and AG 601.

Try our friendly and experienced team at Stove Doctor. If you would like to discuss any appliance or your delivery and installation please call us on 02 9621 5440.


Please note you are purchasing a like for like dishwasher installation package which is where the dishwasher being replaced and the new dishwasher being installed are of the same type, with no change to the location, size or increase in the energy supply to the unit.

As part of the "Standard Installation Scope of Works", the following items will be included in this installation:

  • Isolate the electricity supply and test to make sure it's OFF
  • Isolate the water supply
  • Disconnect the old dishwasher
  • Remove the old dishwasher
  • Ensure new dishwasher will fit regulations and specification
  • Install new dishwasher and secure in place (in the same location)
  • Reset electricity supply and test all functions
  • Show customer basic functionality of the dishwasher
  • Remove rubbish which includes all packaging and the old dishwasher
  • Provide Installation Certificate of Compliance (IF REQUIRED)

Please note NO allowances have been made for any unforeseen joinery and bench-top modifications or the supply of any valves, hoses, circuit breakers, fuses, ventilation holes and trims/filler panels. If any of the mentioned work is required the installer will provide a quote which will require your acceptance before we can schedule and carry out any Additional Services.


Recycling is an easy way to protect our environment and ensure the well being of our community for generations to come which is why Stove Doctor will remove your old dishwasher for FREE of charge and ensure it is recycled.

DISHWASHER DELIVERY & INSTALLATION- Stove Doctor will have your new dishwasher delivered and installed at the next available time slot which is usually completed within 48 hours as long as the appliance is in stock.

Our team is here to help so if you have any questions in regards to your new appliance delivery and installation please feel free to contact our customer service team on 1300 793 614.

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