How Dishwasher Detergent Dispensers Work?

Dishwasher and Common Problems - Washing dishes gets easier when you use detergents that help with the cleaning. Much like how you use your washing machine to clean clothes, you would want to add the dishes in the wash unit, let it fill up with water and put your cleaning products in the dishwasher detergent dispenser. This part of the dishwasher is typically neglected because it has quite a number of moving parts. The average user is also unsure how it works.

How Do Dishwasher Detergent Dispensers Work? - Dishwasher detergent dispensers are mostly spring-loaded bays found at the door of your machine. It typically runs using a timer that acts as an actuator for the spring door together with controlling the cycle times. Once you load your dish soap in the form of liquid or solid tablets, the dispenser will flip and activate. This typically happens a few moments after you start a wash cycle and the door is closed, putting the contents into the hot water bath at the bottom of your machine. Dishwasher detergents work the same way as clothing detergent works for your clothes. Once it mixes with the water, it creates a mixture that melts the various food deposits that is stuck in your dishes and your cutlery. This includes water softeners to prevent hard water stains, carbonates that remove fats and lipids, chlorine compounds that melt protein by-products, anti-rust chemicals to keep the inside of your dishwasher from corroding and some fragrances. The dishwasher soap dispenser will also house the chute where the rinse aid, a chemical that helps dish and glassware drying, is loaded.

Common Dishwasher Dispenser Issues - When dishwasher detergent dispensers don’t work, you will typically notice an incomplete clean with your dishware after the cycle. There’s a number of common problems that come from the soap dispenser and some quick solutions you can do.

Obstructed Dispenser - When your dispenser is not distributing the dish detergent, you have a stuck dispenser problem. You would want to investigate first why is this happening. The typical problem comes from accumulated detergent dregs, which can prevent proper spring-loaded operation. You would want to remove the buildup as soon as you can. You can use very hot water to break this down. You may also want to check if there are obstructions that are preventing the dispenser to perform. Make sure pots, pans, handles and glassware are not blocking the space where a dishwasher opens.

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